King Bracket & I Lodica – Season of the Harvest


Many years after its original conception, King Bracket & I Lodica’s classic track entitled ‘Season Of The Harvest’ has finally been released into the world beyond Brighton’s underground scene. The track isn’t alone as it comes to us with an entire EP built around it, including a dub version of the track and two other original compositions.

The first of these compositions is what some people would describe as a more typical Reggae arrangement. King Bracket’s wealth of production experience really shines through in ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ however, forcing every new section of the track develop into something brand new that still remains cohesive with previous sections. I Lodica catchy vocal riffs and melodies lay perfectly over King Brackets instrumental base to round off a great introduction to the EP. ‘Indigo Lights’ is the other new track on the EP. Again this is a pretty typical Reggae arrangement brought to life through the quirky production methods of King Bracket and the unique vocals and melodies of I Lodica.

Once you have listened through the two new tracks however, you have to return to the work of brilliance that is ‘Season Of The Harvest’. The track perfectly sums up the quality of the partnership King Bracket and I Lodica have struck up. The unusual bass rhythm slowly ploughs away through the lower levels of frequency whilst a reverberated version of I Lodica’s beautiful Melodica playing floats around the higher levels. These two elements encase the vocal melodies which are another element that make the track so memorable.

Overall this is an outstanding EP. It is truly impressive that two artists have brought so much creativity to an extremely crowded genre and instantly left their mark on it. Be sure to stream and download the EP from iTunes HERE.

Written By Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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