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KickRaux CoverKickRaux are an EDM Trap DJ duo of American fellas that go by the names of Rieces Pieces and Qwond3r. They’ve produced some big tracks in the ever-growing genre of Trap/Dancehall music and have more to come in 2013, after creating their unique sound under the tutoring of Grammy Award winning multi-platinum producer Neal Pogue.Through him they have produced for the likes of Jay-Z, 2 Chainz, MIA, Travis Scott and Gucci Mane, and with names like that behind them you can’t deny their capabilities and potential for even bigger things. They’ve had airplay on BBC Radio 1, remixes selling on iTunes for the likes of Katie Got Bandz’s ‘Pop Out’ and Jay-Z’s ‘XXXO’, shout outs from Mavado, 2 Chainz, Trinidad James and Karian Sang, produced theme songs for viral comedian Spoken Reasons and preparing to release their new EP ‘Harriet Thugman’. SoapBox’s Max Necus got the chance to conduct a quick Q&A with them about upcoming releases, collaborations, and a tour in the not too distant future…

What can we expect to see/hear from KickRaux in 2013?

Qwond3r: A LOT of dope shit man, just tons of remixes & originals. We’re experimenting with influences from different types of music. Our next big release is a remix with Childish Major (the producer of the Rocko hit “UOENO”), a Juicy J remix then we’re going right into our Dr TWERKvorkian Mix/EP we’re premiering with TrapStep Network.

Rieces Pieces: Also some dope dancehall coming, possibly a collaboration in the works with Justus from JA Productions who’ve produced some of the biggest dancehall songs of last year. Then we jump right into the tour which kicks off this August.

Everyone can see how big EDM’s becoming over such a short span of time in comparison to other genres, why do you think this is?

Q: EDM has kinda been huge for a while tho, if you think about it the single from Watch The Throne “Paris” was the number one song in the world & thats a trap song.

RP: It’s crazy to see how far its come but it makes sense if you think about it. Like with the internet we all grew up listening to so many kinds of music and like even before EDM really blew up, all the other genres were already using EDM elements.

Q: It’s totally different from what it was a couple of years ago, now there’s hard-hitting Hip Hop drums, guitars, pop chords all mixed together with the trance synths.

RP: Exactly, EDM is in its adolescent phase right now and with technology and new ways to make & perform your music it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Favourite song on your playlist right now?

Q: Katie Got Bandz – Pop Out (KickRaux Remix) & Travis ft Juicy J & 2 Chainz – Upper Echelon (KickRaux Remix).

RP: Every song produced by Labrinth, ever since his “Do It Like A Dude Remix” he’s just been killing it.

You’ve worked with some big names, how did they come about in the first place ?

RP: Its pretty simple actually. One year ago Neal Pogue (Grammy Winning mixer/producer for Outkast, Nicki Minaj, Pharrell, Lil Wayne, etc) signed us & changed our life. Learning from Neal gave us a chance to learn a lot about production & gave us our first chance to work with big name artists.

Who would you tip for the coming year, apart from yourselves, to look out for?

Q: Definitely Dolla Bin, he just finished a remix for our song with 2 Chainz, that’s crazy, Cashmere Cat is beast, Khadafi Dub is super dope we have a song with him called ‘Rxx Lxxxx’ thats dope. Can’t forget to mention J Gramms, Fista Cuffs, Nick Catchdubs & Heroes X Villains.

RP: Too many to name but definitely be on the lookout for anything by Childish Major, the producer behind “UOENO” & anything by Dirty South Joe, Dan Farber, DJ Snake, DJ Baels, Louisiana Jones, Eddy Souza & Kennedy Jones…

Out of your own remixes of some big tracks, which is each of your personal favourites? 

Q: I love the “Take It” remix for the Mavado single.

RP: I am OBSESSED with “2 of Everything”. People don’t even understand how dope that song is, the irony is its one of those songs that’s not trap enough & not hip hop enough so the purists hate it but normal people fuck with that song and every time we play it, people go nuts!

If you could collab with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

RP: Labrinth & Danja. Everything they do hurts my brain and makes me wish I came up with that so definitely those two.

Q: Kanye West. No explanation needed.

Any plans to aim for the UK or anyone that takes your interest over here?

Q: UK is so far ahead of the US musically, all the UK guys are on another level. Raff Riley, Hucci does theme songs from the Illuminati, I could keep going but there’s no point they’re all so good.

RP: Pretty much everybody with a MIDI controller over there is dope, definitely Skift Key is another one doing bits in the UK. Everything he does is a real thing. We are planning to spend some time in the UK at the end of the year, like a month or so just making music and checking out the scene so hopefully we run into some of those guys.

Favourite performance you’ve played?

RP: Reggae on The Roof Top in Tampa, we did a joint dancehall set with Mellohype that was APESHIT, we did some live remixes of dancehall mixed with that Uncle Luke bass music shit, girls EVERYWHERE, white girls were twerking, white boys were twerking. It was insane.

If you could make one significant change to the music industry what would it be?

RP: No matter what people say music is too much like corporate shit, it’s a boys club of who you know & who knows you. Everybody fucks with you based on your latest accomplishment or who you can name drop or what label your latest release was released on which is lame as fuck.

Where can people find your material?

Q: kickraux.com or soundcloud.com/kickraux

Any shout outs?

RP: Shout out to Zay, Shout out to Zay (Migos voice)

Twitter? Facebook?

Q: twitter.com/kickraux, we have Facebook but Facebook is lame & we never use and dont ever plan to use it so people should definitely go to our facebook.com/kickrauxmusic & add us there because we will never check it or update it ever.

Written by Max Necus (@MaxNecus)

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