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It is hard to argue that in the year of 2013, anyone made a bigger leap in the hip-hop scene than Kendrick Lamar. After the 2-headed beast of “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and “Backseat Freestyle” took over the nightclub scene, we had “Bitch Don’t Kill My vibe” and finally, we left 2013 with Kendrick Lamar becoming a household name after the controversial verse on Big Sean’s track ft Jay Electronica “Control” which left the music world in shock.

We have more music from the self-proclaimed “King of New York” and you know it’s a banger when you are nodding your head and screw facing at the bars at the same time! The 29-track mixtape is called “Unreleased” and he uses the majority of this mixtape to directly address the claims of arrogance fired back at his character after his Control verse shook up the scene.

The project uses juxtaposition so well with the positioning of the tracks. Kendrick places tracks like “Bitch Im In The Club” in between tracks like “The Relevant & “Hate” to keep people engaged throughout and to let people know who he really is. The variance of track styles, pace, structure with exceptional quality content will once again have media and fans re igniting the comparisons to Nas, Jay-Z and even Tupac.

There are under a handful of features on a 29-track mixtape, which paints the picture of how personal some of these tracks (or how many bridges he burned with Control) are as Kendrick continues to steps away from the stereotypical hip-hop behaviour where featuring names are used as a major selling point for projects. However he did jump on Lil Wayne’s 6ft 7ft instrumental and did what Kendrick Lamar does best, barred the beat to death!

The combination of ridiculous flows, intricate lyrics and an elite song-making ability means even though the commercial audience may think one verse when you say Kendrick Lamar, real hip-hop heads are seeing the progression of a rapper that can develop into a era-defining and iconic figure in the hip-hop history books.

This mixtape has solidified me as a Kendrick Lamar fan (I admit at first I was sceptical) and in my eyes if you want the complete package of a rapper, I believe Drake (Versace Drake not Marvin’s Room Drake) and Kendrick Lamar are the co-kings of the new-era/ young man’s game with Wale/Big Sean/ J Cole just below them. That is not a diss to those other rappers as I love artists like Mac Miller, Juicy J, Pusha T, The Game etc but Kendrick continues to join Drake in pushing the bar higher and higher in a highly competitive sport.

You can grab “Unreleased” on DATPIFF HERE and if you are a true fan of great music, you’ll download it.

Words by Luca Olias (@Lucaolias)

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  1. you rate Wale/Mac Miller/Juicy J and Drake is pushing the bar higher?! you really sound like you know your hip hop….

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