Joey Gzus: ‘Blessed’ – Review

Here we are again, SoapBox has been given the opportunity to write the official review for Joey Gzus’s new LP/Album – Blessed. With instrumentals being composed by Wizard, Ido, Kosyne and a cheeky introduction track entitled ‘Real with You’ produced by Kelakovski, we were very exited to get writing on this one!

Firstly, the introductory track entitled ‘Real With You’ as mentioned kicks the album off to great effect. A range of piano melodies and skippy drum patterns layered with heartfelt lyricism from Joey work really well when combined. An auto-tuned chorus also works nicely with the transition between verse and chorus. Lyricism based around honestly over beats are summed up in the lyric “The vibe of this album, is so it touches your mind, touches your soul.” This track itself works as an excellent transition into the second track on the album, which we believe to be the title track of the album, entitled ‘Blessed’. With top production skills being applied from both Wizard and Kosyne and smooth vocals from Miss Emma Louise throughout, this creates a very soulful atmosphere within this tune. Joey talks throughout about how he has no right to complain and how he has been blessed, even though he may not have incredible amounts of material pleasures. Again very heartfelt lyricism and at this point we can agree that so far the penmanship has made us think and made us look at ourselves.

Miss Emma Louise also features on track 11 of the album, entitled ‘Slow It Down’. It is produced by Ido who is also frequently featured throughout the whole album. Quite a simple instrumental arrangement, filled with airy synths floating around the background and a nice sounding lead synth instrument layers nicely over simply swung drums. Again, incredible vocals are provided from Emma Louise on this one throughout the verses and during the chorus section. Joey’s lyrics speak a story about a girl who feels her life is slipping away due to a collection of wrong decisions and the second verse he talks about a man in a similar position, but you should listen to it and discover what these choices are. The track shows Joey’s true quality as a lyricist.

We move from there back to track 3 – ‘Cocoa Butter’. This one produced by Wizard at a faster, more grime like tempo, with layered piano melodies, chords and airy drums which provide a nice base for Joey to layer even more love based bars. Although love songs can become somewhat tiring, Joey does it again and manages to paint a picture of his affections without sounding generic or “cheesy.” Gadget provides a sung vocal over the chorus block for this one, which again creates a nice balance between the different vocal styles used throughout the album.

‘Lessons in Life’ follows this as track 4. Production on this one comes from Ido who creates a lead melody being played by a filtered violin section layered with high end keys. Simple arrangement is accompanied from another brilliant guest vocal, this one coming from Rum Com’s RagNBone Man. The whole arrangement has a very emotional feel to it, although it clearly isn’t a love song. Joey provides really deep, conscious lyrics about making right and wrong decisions, dealing with stress and trying to succeed in life.

Now we move onto the penultimate track we are going to specifically review on this album. This one is entitled ‘Never Say Die’ featuring Reggiimental, TrawR & Tom Stiles. Yet another great hook over the chorus section being provided TrawR. TrawR has contributed a lot to the replay and sing along value of this project, as well as the other MC’s featured. Lyricism focusing on never giving up from Reggiimental, Stiles & obviously Joey, layered nicely around each chorus section. Production on this one yet again comes from Ido and features synthesisers, keys, reverberated drums and a very low end rolling sub-bass.

It is also worth mentioning that a track we have previously reviewed also features on this album – British Summertime (Featuring TRawR). But we felt it was better to include an extra track in the in depth reviews rather than reviewing the same track again.

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Written By Jay McDougall

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