Is Flutedrop the funniest genre ever?


There is a rule regarding creative ideas. If it’s stupid, funny and no sane person would ever think of doing it then it’s most likely already on the internet. Enter flutedrop, a new music genre created by Spanish producer D.J. Detweiler, which incorporates elements of woodwind, trap music and comedic genius.

Deitweiler’s Soundcloud page is filled with flutedrop ‘remixes’ of everything from Miley Cyrus to Skrillex. The main premise of the genre (can I call it that?) involves layering badly played recorder tracks over popular music, complete with a section of terribly produced trap music (along with all the cliché vocal samples). It may be a reflection on Dubstep as a genre that the Skrillex remix sounded pretty similar to the original.

Here are some of my favourite flutedrop bangers:

Even ringtones aren’t safe…

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