Impey – BangClap/4titude – Review


The London based producer, Impey, brings us his latest E.P called ‘Bangclap/4titude’ which is a breath of fresh air for the grime instrumental scene. This producer may be sought after if he keeps on producing this quality of music.

‘Bangclap’ is my favourite track out of the three as there is a dubstep feel to the track, yet includes a grime tempo. Impey also uses violins on the track very intelligently, which had me nodding my head all the way through the song. It’s a brilliant instrumental that I hope MCs listen to and decide to pursue in the future to make great music.

The second track off this E.P is called ‘Loudpack’. This track is a lot slower in tempo but the use of a suspenseful build up at the beginning of the beat means that you still find yourself listening to the track like it’s a stereotypical grime beat. It continues to defy the genre’s stereotype which I feel means this type of production could be progressive for a whole scene as well as Impey’s career.

His final track on the E.P is ‘4titude’ and is probably the most similar to a dubstep track with a quicker tempo because there are more obvious wobbles throughout the beat. The drops throughout the beat are so well placed and bring the whole song alive. The mixture of dubstep/trap with grime has always been something I have been biased towards as it appeals to my ideal music but the totality of this E.P is honestly great music without my personal preferences.

This piece will be released on the 2nd of June on vinyl only and it is a project that all grime heads should keep an eye out for! Let’s promote talented, barrier breaking producers like Impey.

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