illmaculate – Clay Pigeons


After waiting nearly a year for a new project from the Portland legend. One of the most genuinely interesting lyricists to bless a collection of powerful instrumentals in a long time – that would be the best way to describe his brand new project entitled ‘Clay Pigeons’. Unlike say Rick Ross’s latest album, this is an album for thinkers and the way the album has been constructed makes it enjoyable to think through.

Illmaculate has been able to translate his smoothly projected lyricism across the board, from the typical trap sound of ‘Back On It’ all the way through to the more relaxed instrumental style of ‘Vertical Ascent’. This ability to leap from sub genre to sub genre gives the album a sense of genuine depth to both the construction of the lyrics and the instrumental backing.

For this a lot of props have to be given to both of the executive producers. Chase Moore and G Poe have not only provided a fantastic base onto which Illmaculate can release his intense lyricism, they have provided a catalogue of sublimely produced and memorable instrumentals.

After having one of the most popular rap battles of 2013, the collaboration between Illmaculate and Bigg K was always going to be an enjoyable listen. The combination of both MC’s on ‘Know My Name’ is surprisingly compatible considering how vastly both their rap styles differ.

Another highlight is ‘Friday’ in which Illmaculate, Cassow and Chase Moore discuss unemployment and how it affects people. An extremely catchy hook works absolute magic, and the production team behind this album along with Illmaculate have this down to a T.

In addition to the well written tracks, there are a few tracks which clearly describe real life experiences, such as ‘Post Card’ in which the MCs talk about the escapades of their first European tour. The annual Sandpeople feature is never a track to let an album down and that tradition happily continues. ‘Don’t Move’ is a great example of how to put a track together alongside your group whilst retaining your own identity. 

Overall, this is a fantastic album – and it’s clear that a large amount of time and effort has been spent. Be sure to take a listen and purchase it from the Bandcamp link below!

Written By Jay McDougall (@SleepYGee1)

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