Huxley: ‘Bellywedge EP’ – Review

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‘Bellywedge EP’ is the most recent release from House producer Huxley. Released via Hypercolour, the EP consists of just two original tracks which fit nicely into Huxley’s rapidly growing discography.

Some would say that the recent hype over the Bristol based producer could be a short lived triumph, similar to many producers under the “EDM” bracket who have risen and fallen in recent years. However this most recent release throws a bit more caution to the winds and although ‘Little Things’ follows the stereotypical “Tech House” list of features, the whole approach and mix down are a little more out there than your standard EP. For instance, the introductory samples & breaks rolling over the first 16 bars seem to be sampled from some sort of Cuban arrangement, which works well and shows originality. The track consists of a typical Huxley breakdown along with pitch bent synthesised chords and vocal stabs.

HUXLEY_KatiePalmer002_Web1‘Bellywedge’, which as mentioned above is the actual title track of the EP, feels a lot more like a typical Huxley tune in general. Panned synthesised effects sway from left to right during the introduction as a melodic sound similar to a Xylophone creeps into the main mix. All of these effects & sounds find their place in the mix leading to a crescendo in typical Huxley fashion. Pulsating low cut off sounding bass noises sit nicely layered over thickly compressed kick drums. The mix is then joined by an effected vocal, not to different from that of the vocal from Ben Pearce’s “What I Might Do.”

Overall a solid EP, proving to anyone who didn’t believe it how consistent & creative Huxley’s production skills are. Be sure to purchase the EP via Beatport.

Written by Jay McDougall

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