How’s Harry? He’s sweating out, thanks


How do you perform a high-octane set in temperatures over 40° celcius? Ask Brighton upstarts How’s Harry, who last night performed an outstanding gig at The Hope, alongside stellar support from ska/pop outfit Paperboy. Having recently released dates for a festival tour this summer (including one at dubiously named Poofest), it is clear that How’s Harry have found their groove and intend on sticking to it.

Five piece Paperboy were on stage first, playing a variety of upbeat ska influenced tracks. The room filled up fairly quickly, with the band having brought a large entourage with them. Then came the heat. The unbearable heat. Still, you couldn’t help but dance, even if the gig felt like it was taking place in a sauna. After a strong showing, the band chose to end on the upbeat self-titled track Paperboy, effortlessly handling the changes in tempo and making the whole room bounce. They sounded better live than they did on record.

How’s Harry were up next, opening with a new track. With a fast tempo, and a heavier sound than I was perhaps expecting, it set the pace for the rest of their set. Playing a mixture of old and new songs, the band were impressively tight, with seemingly everyone apart from Myles Burrell vibing out to the music. The heat at this point became almost unbearable, but this didn’t stop How’s Harry, who ploughed through their set faster than the jugs of iced water were disappearing from the bar. At one point, half the crowd were using One Inch Badge flyers as handheld fans.

Among the highlights of the set were Daiquiri and Othello, which the band played twice at the request of the insatiable crowd. In a sense it was almost like the Shakespearean play – the crowd loved How’s Harry so much that they nearly killed them, forcing them to play two encores  in the sweltering heat. I have never seen an audience be so cruel to a band.

Check out our gallery of the event below, and be sure to follow How’s Harry on Facebook and Soundcloud

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