Homeboy Sandman – White Sands – Review


We go international for our next project as we step across the pond to Queens, NY. Homeboy Sandman brings us another great piece; produced by Paul White we have the LP called “White Sands”. This is the 11th project that has been put out by Homeboy Sandman, the man who is signed to Stone Throw (Aloe Blacc’s previous label) and “White Sands” gives us a great twist on hip hop as we stereotypically know it in society.

The complete piece is dope and it was as equally refreshing as it was enjoyable. We are treated to some great work of the Londoner Paul White alongside Homeboy’s creative and abstract lyricism. For the majority of the LP, the production is comparable to setting a fairly similar tone to the piece as Mac Miller’s most recent album “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”. It’s relaxed yet highly catchy throughout especially with great wordplay that resonates after the first time of listening to it from Homeboy.

“Fat Belly” seems to be the equivalent of Mac’s track featuring Tyler the Creator “O.K” as Mac affectionately said, “Album filled with all sad songs/ but this the one I can laugh on”. It is the first track on the album, which is a nice start to LP but songs such as “Last Rites” and “Echoes” are as great to listen to if not more so than those upbeat styled tracks.

It is clear to see that when speaking about the instrumentals and how they were made, there was a clear idea to make the beats sound very natural and stripped down as songs such as “I Saw A World” use very basic yet effective production for a platform that Homeboy Sandman uses perfectly with his complex material. Basic production & complex lyrics will more often than not give you a path to success in the hip-hop world if done well enough!

It was a real pleasure listening to this 7-track project and I would advice you to go out there and listen to it! You should go visit his website and check out his material at http://newpro.homeboysandman.com

Composed by Luca Olias (@lucaolias)

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