High Tyde | The Haunt, Brighton | 5.7.13


First of all, can I just say what a great night this was and that all three bands played absolutely amazingly. The diversity of the people that turned up to support these bands was insane and refreshing to see.

Anyway, on with the review. The opening act was a 4 piece band called Clipper, consisting of a lead singer who also played rhythm guitar, a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. What really appealed to me about this band was that, they were all so young, ranging from 14-15 and supporting an up and coming band as big as High Tyde is quite an achievement. .
They really reminded me of an early Strokes; Julian Casablancas way of muffled singing, simple but effective guitar riffs with a few solos, heavy bass riffs and a decent drum beat to keep it all in time.

They were a great opening act, they got people bopping their heads and tapping their feet to their music but it felt like something was missing throughout their performance. I think what their current sound is like has been done too many times within the Brighton music scene and that they should find their own unique style, that’s if they want to get people from bopping their heads to jumping around. The main critique of this band is that they finished their set 20 minutes early, leaving the crowd a bit confused.

The second supporting act was a 5 piece band called Don Komodo, consisting of a lead singer, lead guitarist/backing vocals, bassist, keyboardist and a drummer. They dived straight into their set with a bellowing instrumental which got the crowd interested straight away. What sparked my attention was their mix up of genres, different songs reminded me of different artists and the versatility and synergy of the band was incredible.

The lead singer’s voice worked incredibly well with the band’s sound, no flat notes at all and he interacted with the crowd so much, more so than the other two acts. The lead guitarist’s riffs were absolutely amazing and his solos even more so. The bassist had a thundering sound that is a key component to a good indie rock band. He really reminded me of Nick O’Malley. The keyboardist’s role is also vital and the notes he played reminded me of Brandon Flowers. The drummer, the baby of the band, was absolutely phenomenal; he pounded the fuck out of the drums and kept in time and rhythm throughout their entire performance.

Don Komodo was easily my favourite act of the night, all of the members are so passionate and you can tell this by their music.

And finally, High Tyde. A four-piece band consisting of a lead singer/bassist, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist/backing vocals and drummer/backing vocals. High Tyde are easily one of the top tier bands of the Brighton under 18s music scene.  They started off with an incredible upbeat song, which really got the crowd jumping and shoving each other around. The main thing I love about this band is their usage of synth pads, it’s pretty unique within the music scene, not many bands actually use them and it works so well for their sound.

High Tyde have so much potential, it’s going to be no surprise at all when they get signed. All of their songs have a good voice behind them; catchy riffs and an even catchier snare beat from the drummer. High Tyde remind me very much of The Metros, they’re very indie rock and very British.

Their performance was probably one of their best and the crowd completely roared when they played their new song that they’d never played live before.

Overall, it was a fantastic night for each band that played and Soapbox look forward to photographing and reviewing these bands in the future.

* Here’s our photo album from the night!*

Article by Callum Martin, photography by Myles J. Burrell


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