High Pitched Hell – Our review of Blu’s “Good To Be Home”


Blu is a name we constantly hear resonating around the US Hip Hop workings, yet unfortunately he has never seemed to be given the ultra-break that the likes of the incredible 2 Chainz has. Blu’s intricately polished flow and lyricism places very near the top of tree usually, but ‘Good To Be Home’ is a surprising disappointment. There is one simple reason for this.

Perhaps it’s just preference but it just feels like the entire catalogue of instrumentals over which Blu has layered his vocals just seems overproduced. I love a bit of side-chain compression every now and then but it feels like Bombay, the producer behind the project has just tried to be a little too creative. I found it surprisingly hard to concentrate on anything Blu or any of the other rappers involved were actually speaking about.

There is no need to turn this into a rant, but there are only so many looped high pitch samples a person can take in a single sitting.  ‘The 50Z’ is a perfect example. Blu’s vocal frequencies are almost drowned out by the overpowering high frequencies of the instrumental. The same goes for ‘Rap Dope’, ‘Definite’, ‘The Return’ and the majority of the other tracks on the album. It is a shame because I’m sure what Blu is saying is worth listening to, we just can’t hear any of it.

On the rare occasion that the overly experimental endeavours of Bombay are toned down, there are a few moments of saving grace, on ‘Dre Day’ and ‘Brown Sugar’ which features Med and Oh No for instance. Both of these tracks bring back the elements of Blu’s music which everyone was originally so hypnotized by. That style being the unusual low end sampling which enough room for his vocal tones to almost become atmospheric in the way they have been processed.

It is truly a shame that the whole album couldn’t have been produced with Blu’s vocal range in mind, rather than letting the producers high pitched fantasies off of the leash.  There is only so much experimentation an instrumental over which a rapper is going to vocal without it just becoming a mess. It’s probably one of the reasons why artists such as FLYLO will very rarely have guest vocalists.

Be sure to check it out below but be sure to have tinnitus tablets on call, if they exist.

Download the album here!

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  1. I feel you man. Blu is my fav rapper.I’ve been waiting for this 2 years. I get it when he drops free material in Lo-Fi, but you can’t put an album that sounds like this in stores. The package is dope and all that, but you can’t pretend people to buy an album with this shitty sound. There are some gems here, the album is dope, but you can’t enjoy it, it’s annoying. It’s not because of Bombay, I’m sure Blu wanted to drop it LO-FI. The fault is from Nature Sounds too, how the hell you put an album with that sound in stores???? WTF???

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