Harleighblu – Let Me Be – Review


We go to Nottingham for our next piece of music from the wonderful singer Harleighblu with her October 2013 debut project called “Forget Me Not”. Her soulful style is eerily similar to a recent UK icon, Amy Winehouse. I was fortunately a huge fan of the late great’s music that made listening to tracks such as “Let Me Be” very refreshing and also reminded me of other past female greats such as Lauryn Hill.

Harleighblu gives us an album that allows us to relieve the past however it also gives you a chance to appreciate a great talent in a soul genre that desperately needs reviving! If you think of Amy Winehouse & Lauryn Hill when you’re listening to someone’s album, you know that there is a chance that we could have a potential star for 2014. There is also some upbeat music on the album, which made it nice to see diversity from an artist even though it is clear to see her area of expertise is in R&B/Soul.

“Love Like This (Titeknotes Remix)” uses a house instrumental that keeps a mix of pace and style. Harleighblu is an artist I hope has a massive 2014 with a genre that I definitely think needs homegrown talent to flourish in as we see the emergence of artist’s such as Drake & Frank Ocean who come from an R&B based genre. It seems to be so rare to see the R&B/ Soul style succeed in the UK, especially since we unfortunately lost Amy Winehouse far too early in life and have yet to have someone fill the void alongside artists such Emeli Sande and Gabrielle Aplin who have done very well for R&B however not mastered that individual style that is needed to be successful in a slightly date genre.

I definitely think from this album, if Harleighblu continues to work and produce music of this quality that we could have our next Soul artist for the future. There is a lot of potential and opportunity to attack a lane that Amy Winehouse helped laid the groundwork for.

You can access her music on her Soundcloud here and I definitely advise that if you are a fan of R&B music then you should make your way and support the culture!

Words by Luca Olias (@Lucaolias)

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