Grime Styles

Recently we’ve been in contact with American streetwear brand Grime Styles. They have some great ideas and designs, here’s what they’re all about:

Based in Brooklyn, Grime Styles offers an alternative, parody-like outlook on NBA team logos, for example: “Chicago Bullshit” a play on “Chicago Bulls”. Founded in the winter of 2011, Grime Styles started off as just a “fun project” for graphic designer Matthew Wolf (founder and CEO), his designs went down well with his friends which led to him investing time and money into having his designs printed onto t-shirts. Clearly that investment turned out to be a great decision as Grime Styles are now serving customers across the globe.

“I couldn’t be happier with the growth we experienced in our first year”

So what lies ahead for Grime Styles? Well they’re looking to expand their custom by coming up with more and more intricate and odesigns, the most recent ideas being parodies on the Los Angeles Lakers, Seattle Supersonics, and San Antonio Spurs. A snapback range is also in the pipeline, so keep an eye out!

There’s a lot on show when wearing one of the t-shirts, the colourful designs mixed with a dash  of humour makes these tees unique, fun and overall, a great addition to your t-shirt collection. We hope to see more from Grime Styles in the near future so keep an eye out!

If you like the sound of what Grime Styles has to offer, check out their website here!

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