Gi3mo – “The Untold Adventures of Gary Guttersnypes” – Review


Gizmo - The Untold Adventures of Gary Guttersnypes

“The Untold Adventures of Gary Guttersnypes” is the first time we have heard Gizmo work on a solo project instead of working and producing directly with Rum Committee. Gi3mo, as one of the lead producers behind Rum Com’s success, finally takes the centre stage in this project, to great effect.  It is probably the perfect time to release the solo project, as Rum Committee have certainly established a fan base as a collective, but perhaps not enough as individual members.

There are a range of styles used throughout the album, incorporating different vocal flows and style of instrumental, which is something Rum Committee perhaps are not as strong at when they work as a collective. Bingo for example is a new angle for a track we haven’t seen Gizmo take on very often, the instrumental is a lot faster BPM wise and brings nostalgic memories of Davinche instrumentals back when Grime was at its previous peak.

Although this is a solo project, it definitely would not seem complete without a guest vocal from Rag n Bone man. This appears on “Ashes Talking.” This track has been very well crafted from a collection of bluesy sounding sample hits and riffs. Rag N Bones’ vocal hook adds another dimension to the track and it works very well.

Gi3mo isn’t the type of person you would classify as a typical UK hip hop artist. His quirky use of imagery and abstract metaphors have really found a place to inhabit within the confines of this project. The variation in instrumental choice allows the different areas of Gi3mo’s unusual style of lyricism to become one of the focus points of the album.

The whole album has been very creatively produced. The project has been built from samples, similar to most Hip Hop albums, but there are a fair few ideas which seem to be original within the sampling. For instance on “Iron Gut” there are multiple chord stabs and strange sounding ambient instruments which seem to sweep across the mix. Its features like these throughout the album which put this album above certain other releases so far this year.

As a rap album this is a solid solo project. Despite the slight lack of variation in vocal projection, which is probably due to the fact we are used to hearing Gizmo alongside the Committee, The content, creativity and general arrangement of the album is very strong.

The album was released on the 22nd of November, check it out below;

Written By Jay McDougall


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