A first look at Get Inuit’s new single “Barbiturates”


Kent based band Get Inuit have been busy the last few months. Supporting Spring King on tour, playing Reading, Leeds, Y Not, Truck Festival and even squeezing in some headline dates in between, you’d forgive them for having a bit of time off.

Instead, they’ve just released a brand new track, the stellar Barbiturates. A deceptively calm opening soon smashes into a wall of guitar scuzz, occasionally receding to give the vocals some much-needed room to breathe. It’s Pixies meets Weezer with a healthy dose of chaos thrown in, but Barbiturates always manages to keep the band’s dirty pop magic front and center. This means that even with lyrics like “I’m not stressed but I’m constantly regressing at an alarming rate” the track manages to maintain an upbeat sheen that real barbiturates almost definitely don’t produce.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, lead singer Jamie Glass said: “It felt much more human to show inner conflict and mood changes rather than just pretend I’m only ever content, or in love, or depressed. I can be all of those things within the space of a minute.”

Get Inuit’s last single, the excellent Teriyaki, received Radio 1 airplay, and if there’s any justice in the world Barbiturates is sure to follow suit. Catch them at the Lexington in London on January 25th, because they won’t be playing small venues for long.

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