Gary Guttersnypes (One Point Five) – Yet another great release from Gi3MO

GG One Point Five Cover

When it comes to releasing regular and consistently creative material, there are few hip hop acts in the UK that can really ride with Gi3mo. Not long after ‘The Tales of Gary Guttersnypes’, the Brighton based rapper has reappeared with another 8 track LP, this time entitled ‘Gary Guttersnypes: One Point Five’. Yet again he’s delivered a collection of 8 unusual yet intricately written tracks backed with high quality instrumental production.

If anything this more condensed project features a few more serious topics than his previous release. Take ‘Truth Serum’ for instance. Gi3mo discusses fake imagery in different forms and makes some very valid points. “Some will preach religion whilst they’re eating pork ‘n chips, some will talk political, they ill-informed as shit”. To be honest this track breaks down so many different people I can think of off the top of my head and he even throws a sly jab at a certain breed of battle rapper, which I’m sure will turn a few heads.

Gi3mo is most certainly a story teller and is blessed with a talent that seems to be receding from hip hop more and more each day. His lyricism remains relevant throughout the entirety of every recording, making for a more interesting experience for the listener. In ‘Yesterdaze’ Gi3mo talks about the trouble he is having adapting from the escapades of the previous evening to the present, ever referring to the phrase ‘Yesterdaze’.

GG One Point Five Back Cover

The whole project features only two guest appearances, this time coming from D’lyfa Reilly and Ceezlin on ‘Ashes 2 Ashes’ and ‘Same Day’. Both MC’s bring their respective talents to the track they have featured on, widening the appeal of the project without changing its core messages. As well as this whole album was produced by big Gizzy himself, alongside Rum Committee’s own KD. The projects instrumental base features a range of soulful and bluesy samples, which is perhaps typical of a UK Hip Hop album. However the pair of producers have been able to put a very personalized spin on pretty much every backing track.

This is another great project Giz and we are starting to struggle to see a time in which a project we receive from him won’t be an improvement on a previous release. Be sure to take a listen to the album and purchase it from the link below.

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