Ganz – Purple Cwtch E.P – Review


Terrorythm Recordings return to our ears with another top addition to their already exceptional catalogue of official releases. Dutch producer Ganz has released his debut EP with the London based label. The EP features 3 original tracks, each blessed with creative uses of electronic sequencing and overall, impeccable production. Each bassline remains both gritty and clean the same time, which is so refreshing that we would not have a clue what to say if asked to assign them into a genre.

The EP kicks off with ‘Get Ones’. If you didn’t want to be instantly thrown into the colourful madness that is Ganz’s style of production, tough! The track is compiled of only a few layers of substance, but it is the intensity of each different layer which allows the track to breathe. Despite the repetition of the lead bassline, the percussive movement which floats all around it keeps the track both vibrant and exiting. The vocals, which constantly fly in and out of the arrangement, are what really make the track however. It has been sequenced very effectively and essentially brings a catchy element to the rest of the track.

‘Pvrple Forest’ continues where ‘Get Ones’ left off in all honesty. The lead melody is provided by a very trance-like synth instrument, which slices its way through the high end of the mix to fantastic effect. Again the power which drives the track itself comes from the slightly distorted bass instrument, which cuts through to the ears in the same fashion the lead does. The combination of high pitched female vocal snippets and punchy synth sounds playing quirky melodies seems to be a theme that runs throughout the whole EP.

‘It’s All Good’ is where the EP finishes. Just when it seemed that the EP would calm down for just a second, the complete opposite happens. The introductory drum patterns suggest almost more garage-like feel to the rest of the track. However, after the euphoric chords have been given the opportunity to loop a few times the complete vibe of the track changes. Layers upon layers of melody emerge and place themselves over the intense drums which have now taken over. This is a fantastic finish point for the EP, as it was becoming a little too good to handle.

The ‘Purple Cwtch E.P’ is genuinely one of the strongest projects to emerge out of 140BPM based electronic music throughout 2013. The blend between cohesion and variation over the three tracks has been very well thought out indeed.

Written By Jay McDougall

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