FS&HG’s The Flowers In Your Room is well worth the wait


Two years on from their highly regarded debut album The Morning, FS&HG’s latest project couldn’t have come soon enough. The Flowers In Your Room has been a while in the making, with the duo releasing the odd track over the past year and a half, building up anticipation behind the project. Fabric, Still, and Grateful, the three promotional singles, all feature on the album alongside a load of high-quality new material.

If you’ve seen Frankie Stew and Harvey Gunn perform live in the last six months, or listened to their previous release The Morning, you will have a feel for their sophomore album already. Tracks like Me & My Missus, Cherries, and Swim Too Deep continue the smooth biopic nature of Frankie’s lyrics, as well as the crisp inventiveness of Harvey’s production. Frankie’s flow feels almost a little too laid back at points, but tracks like Sanpellegrino add a little bit of hype to the proceedings.

It Frankie’s nonchalant style and Harvey’s emotive, minimal production that sets TFIYR apart from more traditional rap albums, while making it a continuation of their previous work. Overall, The Flowers In Your Room has been well worth the wait. Give it a listen below.

• You can listen to The Flowers In Your Room on SoundCloud and Spotify. Be sure to like FS&HG on FacebookThe duo also features in our new series entitled Peggy’s World, watch it here.

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