Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn – The Morning – Review

Frankie Stew & Harvey Gunn - The Morning

It’s been over a year since I shared my thoughts on Frankie & Harvey’s last release. As I expected it would, ‘Paid To Listen’ spread the duo’s reach far outside of Brighton. Performing abroad and supporting some the biggest names in Hip-Hop made for a productive year.

After the ‘07239’ music video release and hearing new material during their warm-up set for Slum Village, the build up for the new album was officially on. ‘The Morning’ was announced. I was looking forward to seeing how FS&HG’s sound had progressed over the past 18 months.

For me, the opening track ‘Sometimes’ is a perfect illustration of what Frankie & Harvey have become since their debut release ‘The Gentleman’s Club’. The smooth, melodic vocal sample, understated drum pattern, and Frankie’s introspective lyrics show that thematically, they are sticking to the same format as they have before. What has changed is the notable improvement in production value in all aspects. When listening to ‘Anchor’ which features Brighton group Normanton Street, or ‘Since When’, you get much more of a sense of composition than previous work. It’s always been there but something has definitely clicked since ‘Paid to List£n’.

Another example of how well FS&HG work together is how comfortable they are in stylistically switching up their content. From the double-time and garage breaks in ‘BJP’ to the 808’s and melancholic guitar sample in ‘Put It On Me’, nothing feels forced. They work off of each other’s strengths. Tracks like ‘Storms Out’ and ‘Paris’ are indicative of the tone that’s been set throughout the album. They have similar themes yet both are approached in creatively different ways.

With ‘The Morning’ you get a greater sense of what Frankie & Harvey are than earlier projects. Paid to List£n was a stepping stone – the time they’ve used to create this project has been well worth it. The FS&HG sound has matured into something more refined than ever. If you haven’t woken up yet, go and download ‘The Morning’ at

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  1. Go Frankie my talented nephew!!!!! Xxx love Aunty Gerri

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