Farewell, Lhuna

lhunaFormed six years ago when they were only 12-years-old, Lhuna have proven themselves to be one of the best bands in Brighton. And now, sadly, we say goodbye (sort of). They’re not just a bunch of teenagers who make some decent sounding music, they’ve actually managed to develop a mature sound that they’ve worked on over the years.

Taking inspiration from a plethora of sources, Lhuna are brilliant on record, but their live show is something few other bands their age have managed to emulate. When you watch Luna perform live it’s an experience, you don’t just stand there and listen.

Two of their members have made it into Cambridge, so does this mean it’s the end? A young band that has made some of the best music I’ve heard may never perform live again.

So here’s a little reminder of their last ever show.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a studio session we filmed with them.

And here’s their SoundCloud.

Thank you Lhuna.

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