Fairly Stylish Underachievers

Considering our generation takes a lot of criticism and our economy isn’t the best, a lot of us are considered as “underachievers”. Taken from their website, this is the message that FSU are getting across to our generation:

“We’re the generation that are proud to underachieve and we love it, and what’s more we love looking good whilst doing it.”

FSU, through fashion, are basically saying: Who gives a shit what you do? As long as you look good, we’re right behind you – for that alone they have to be respected. Doing your own thing is what it’s all about nowadays which is why FSU’s unique brand and style of marketing is set to get them far in today’s industry.

What started off as a small collaboration, Fairly Stylish Underachievers has now bloomed into a full time clothing line with some of the freshest stuff on the market. Their brand is different, yet still in-style, and has something to fit all wardrobes.

Many clothing lines have their own adaptations of American sportswear, so what sets Fairly apart from the rest? In their first collection, they have their own British twist on the traditional American garments, whilst keeping the old vintage style which keeps it relatable, but still very unique and a cut above the rest.

After being stocked in a number of boutique stores, Fairly have made themselves very well known in recent times. In addition to that, TOWIE star Mario Falcone has been seen wearing their product. If you too want to sport some FSU attire then log on to their online store now!

Website: http://fsuclothing.co.uk/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Fsuclothing

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