ESBE deliver a weighty new video for ‘How That Feels’

It seems as though this Christmas period has the cities music scene in hyperdrive, with different artist all seemingly looking to get that one last release in before we round off for the year. This is quite the contrary to the norm, in which we would normally see the music industry shutting down almost completely across the month of Decemeber, but you know, we like to do things a little different downn here on the south coast.

Yesterday our pals over at Lawspot getting back it again, this time unveiling the dangerous duo of Beggs & Soundclown, also known as ‘ESBE’ with their brand new single ‘How That Feels’. Although it’s safe to say that Lawspot primarily operate in a more UK hip hop centric zone, they aren’t afraid to jump into higher tempos, with this latest single operating at a much more grimey pace, with the pair exchanging intricate flow patterns and choppy hooks to give us a really impactful feel.

MAC’N’PZ deliver a sizzling instrumental over which the two are able to work their magic, and the scattered, almost medieval feel of the string plucks and shimmering atmospheric design give it a proper late night feel, accompaniued by a super techy video from Callum Cutler, Beggs and Homeblown all getting involved.

Seeing this level of product emerging out of the Lawspot camp is no new feat, with the label operating at boht a high volume of releases and high bar of quality for the whole year to tell you the truth. It’s exciting, it’s vibrant and it’s a fantastic representation of where Brighton’s underground rap scene is truly at.

You can check out the full music video for this one via Lawspot’s YouTube channel, which we have attached for you below:

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