Enjoy it while it lasts: Spector at Patterns


Spector’s presence in the indie world has been a strange one. Bursting onto the scene in 2012 with anthems such as Chevy Thunder and Celestine, one would have thought they would have taken the stage by storm. However, following the departure of Drummer Christopher Burman, a cabinet reshuffle caused the band to lose the momentum of their first albums success, Enjoy It While It Lasts.

Moth Boys, the sophomore album for the band, is however proving to be a hit with fans. Having sold out many of their nights on this tour, it is no surprise that Patterns filled quickly. An intimate venue, Spector took advantage of the sold out crowd from the get go. Choosing to open with Never Fade Away was clearly a decision that both parties wanted.

Moving swiftly on, Fred Macpherson and co. Rattled out a number of their hits, including Friday Night and recent toe tapper Bad Boyfriend. The band was on good form in between songs, diverting slightly from their set list to include gems such as Lay Low. The performance was the perfect mix of new and old; the hardcore fans knew the lyrics to their more recent songs,  and tag-alongs could dance to the more familiar sounding indie anthems.

The show was not halted despite the crowd’s best efforts to mount the small stage in Patterns. At one point, the thin barrier separating fan and band was knocked over, causing a small pile up during Chevy Thunder. The band reacted well and bassist Thomas Shickle held up the fence with his boots, in what proved to be a smart move. It was clear the band and fans were genuinely enjoying their night, and this came across in the performance.

Spector may have been away for a year or two, but this show highlighted their best assets. Macpherson’s charm and his interaction with the front row really complimented the rest of the bands solid performance, in what turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

• Spector’s latest album Moth Boys is available here.

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