“End of Level Boss Music” – REVIEW


What are you playing?” “Errr, Zelda, Tetris… That’s kind of a big question”

First things first: what a joy to listen to, this is great stuff from Mylo Stone and Percy Filth. It’s a very diverse album lyrically and production-wise, it ranges from calmer tracks like “Night Stalker”, to downright ferocious hard-hitting lines in “Raise The Bar” and “Kang”. In terms of production the styles vary from video-game themes in “Nightstalkers” to a more reggae-like theme in “Brukfoot”.

“My gems are underground in mines deeper than Moria” – one of the best bars in “Raise The Bar” a track

that includes an infectious hook from Eva Lazarus. The rest of the track – which is probably the best on the album – includes verses from BVA, Rola Roc and Sonnyjim.

There isn’t much wrong with this album at all, perhaps there could be a few more tracks, but this is definitely a case of “quality over quantity” – seven top notch tracks with some great samples featured throughout.

The last track, End of Level Boss Music, also the name of the album, is a great ending to one of the best UK hip-hop albums you’ll hear this year. The last track in particular is very clever, with video game references used throughout and some clever samples used at either end of the track.

“we sort of get to do whatever we want, we don’t have a publishers, investors, we don’t answer to anybody and a lot of that is shown in the game we get away with a lot of stuff”

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