ElectroSwing Live: Kitten & The Hip – 17/10/12 – The Cavern

Kitten & The Hip
Brighton-based electro swing act Kitten & The Hip took to the stage in Exeter’s alternative venue Cavern last month during an eventful night of swing dance lessons, live DJ’s and vintage swing based rhythm.

Having been recently signed to Freshly Squeezed, Brighton’s very own esteemed electro swing label, Kitten & The Hip are perhaps best know for their debut single “Don’t You Worry“, which has been released on Hedkandi records. Made up of singer Kitten Quinn and trombonist/ scat vocalist Ashley ‘Hip’ Slater (best know for his work with Norman Cook in the band Freak Power), they provide the audience with raw brass juices designed to make even the most frigid dancers move their feet.

Impressively energetic  and tight on stage, the band play a range of their songs, including “Don’t You Worry” and one of their more recent tracks “Jeremy Kyle” (in which Ashley performs an unexpected but solid rap, to raucous cheers from the audience). One of the highlights comes during their song “By My Side”, in which there is an intense breakdown section followed by an extremely catchy accelerando – everyone is literally bouncing around in true lindy-hop style (It may have helped that there were swing dance lessons beforehand).

It is the vintage style and flexibility of electro swing as a genre that makes it so interesting – the type of music that your grandparents may have been listening to, but brought forward a good 60-70 years into the electronic age. The range of DJs which step on-stage afterwards play a huge variety of artists and songs, from well known pioneers of the genre such as Parov Stelar, to heavy drum and bass tracks that incorporate elements of early 50’s swing.

Overall, the night was well rounded, the performances were polished, the DJ’s were great, and there was a good crowd (lots of potential for mine-sweeping drinks). Electro swing is one of the more enjoyable types of music to hear on a night out – especially live – and it’s certainly more danceable to than most of the average electronic club music being churned out on the regular.

Check out Kitten & The Hip’s songs on SoundCloud, and give their Facebook a like.

Review By Michael Goodier

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