E&Daniels Crew – Bar Crawl EP – Review


The Bar Crawl EP is the first project to hit the shelves from the crew that was formed through a love of real lyricism, known as the E&Daniels Family. The features list, track listing and production catalogue involved in the project will instantaneously excite any true UK Hip Hop fan.

2 Brighton representatives also feature as members of the E&Daniels collective. Rum Committee generals Ceezlin and Gi3mo feature on 4 tracks in total. ‘Same Old Same’ is the first track in which Ceezlin features performing the hook. This combined with a selection of very powerfully performed verses from Mr 13, J Matrix and Flabz make this one a classic and we’re only 2 tracks in!

The collection of producers which make up the production team for the project include UK legends Last Resort and Micall Parcnsun, as well as DJ Cosmo’s mastery on the turntables providing cuts throughout. Coincidentally Micall features on what seems to be the anthem of the album. ‘What You Drinking?’ features the most vocalists on the whole project consisting of Tony D, Locksmyth, Mr 13,Ceezlin, Flabz, Jae Moe, Micall Parknsun, RaWwz, Mystro, Gemini & Dr Psycho.

I think it’s this and a track which appears later on, that really sums up the album’s theme. ‘I Can’t Keep’ features real lyricism addressing issues they have all faced in the past. It’s the combination of the more light-hearted style of ‘What You Drinking?’ and the more intense, factual intricacies of this that show how versatile the E&Daniels boys are.

‘Halloween’ is another track we feel we have to mention, as it gives us another reason to assume that the E&Daniels family really have the complete package when they come together. The fact there is a concept behind this track, all be it one without any real relevance to the rest of the album, shows that as writers they are able to forge their wording into verses that aren’t just meaningless bars. This is something which is currently missing from a lot of UK Hip Hop artists so its positive to see it being resolved.

The amount of different MC’s that all feature high quality verses is truly astounding. The album as a whole is very well-arranged and makes for a great listen, start to finish. This is because the talent pool has been well-distributed throughout the different sections of the album. This is why overall, ‘Bar Crawl EP’ is a great first release for the group and looks like it will be the first of many!

Be sure to purchase the album from iTunes by clicking here.

Written By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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