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Edward Scissortongue – The Theremin EP – Review - Soapbox

Edward Scissortongue – The Theremin EP – Review


After a long wait, we have finally been treated to a new feature length project from Edward Scissor tongue. This is the latest LP in a fantastic string of releases from the infamous UK Hip Hop label that is High Focus.

On the first listen, the album blew me away completely. As a concept, Ed has executed his job perfectly, that concept being that the LP has no middle or end, or even a beginning as it exists in its own ethereal plain. It may sound a bit up in the air, but from the instrumental introduction I was lost within the LP. As far as lyricism goes, it’s not something you can fling on for easy listening. I would recommend taking an hour out of your day to sit down and take in every syllable, otherwise anyone would miss things.

The double header of ‘Theremin’ and ‘Theremin 2’ sees Ed’s exceptional story telling skills return. If you want to know what he is telling a story about, it is entirely open for interpretation. There is no way anyone except Ed could be 100% certain about what every metaphor represents. Even if you aren’t sure about what he is discussing, you will still find yourself immersed in the intensity of his rhyme patterns without even realising.


Ed’s self-confessed love is to blend reality with fantasy, most commonly through the beautiful imagery he laces through his lyricism. Take ‘Teeth’ for instance, the imagery is spectacular, despite the fact it is entirely theoretical.

As a result of this passion, his written structure is other worldly, bridging an undefined void between rap and spoken word.

This style of lyricism is aided greatly by the phenomenal work of the production team for this album. Every track was produced by a different face, which is what gives the album such an organic subtext, as every producer has been able to channel all their creativity into one instrumental, rather than stretching it out over the whole EP. 2 instrumental tracks make up the first and final parts of the LP, starting and finishing the journey in mind blowing fashion.

This is without doubt my favourite UK release of this year and I am looking forward to seeing what the year holds for Edward Scissortongue.

We caught up with him and had a chat about this release, watch the interview here!

Be sure to download the album by clicking here!

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