Dreemers release ‘Alone’

When you think of the Isle of Wight, you think of a few festivals and not much else. But this year, an exciting new band, Dreemers, have emerged from the isle. Formed in 2014, the three-piece have been releasing music on their SoundCloud for a while, but this new song ‘Alone’ is a cut above the rest of their work.

Marc, the band’s founder and lead singer told me “I was inspired to write ‘Alone’ after feeling alienated in society,” and that he didn’t really understand certain things in society like reality TV and trends.

“Alone is mainly about not conforming to reality. It’s about discovering a state of mind where you can escape all of the normal and routine things that life sometimes throws at you,” he continues.

Using their dreamy guitars and emotive lyrics, the band have managed to add an atmospheric twist to the post-punk sound you’d hear from the likes of Skaters or The Wombats.

Listen to ‘Alone’ here:

Dreemers definitely have a good sound and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have to offer.

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