Don’t Flop – Raise A Glass – Event Review


Don’t Flop once again didn’t fail to amuse, wow and entice an audience in a celebration for Bamalam’s birthday with the event “Raise A Glass”. The night featured the return of Bloodstro to the ring, a 2013 versus established name battle and an eagerly awaited battle from one of our very own Soapbox members against a selected opponent.

The event strangely started with what a lot of people anticipated as being battle of the night between Team 13’s Soljitsu against East London’s Sniper E. Soljitsu is slowly becoming a league favourite with his calm yet hilarious approach to battling. Sniper E experimented with his 3rd round it’s safe to say which had everyone not quite sure how to react. I won’t give it away but two words sum it up “drunken master”. Great battle either way and raises an interesting question I will touch on later.

You then had E and Daniel’s Gemini versus Don’t Flop’s ultimate ghostwriter Frankie Phraser. The battle was quite one sided but only on the performance. The contest had some great schemes and punches from both battlers and there is absolutely no doubt that both battlers will be featured a lot more in the future.

The third battle was Soapbox’s own SleepyGee matched up against East London’s own Willzy. This in my eyes ended up being the best battle of the night which had bars, jokes, performance, schemes and just about anything else a battle fan can want from one matchup! These are two great battlers that I am excited to see progress through the league.

After a break we then saw the return of Bloodstro in the Don’t Flop ring against the hilarious Big J. It was great to see Bloodstro back battling for DF and he put on a solid performance however, Big J’s third round is potentially the funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed and kind of stole the show.

Finally we had Dotz vs Arkaic performing a on beat freestyle battle which was hilarious from both of the MC’s especially as it was on beat as well and it promotes the fact that both artist’s music is worth checking out as well!

The question I previously mentioned maybe controversial but needs to be asked. Why are these 2013/2014 battlers not getting chances at the established names in Don’t Flop? Maybe this event is the turning point but there is a minimum of six battlers that can contest and even out do these battlers and yet they are given rubbish like “he’s not on my level”.

In my opinion, battle rap is a sport and Don’t Flop isn’t full of Barcelonas and Miami Heats. In a sport that can humble you the most, I think that these established names should put their money where there mouth is and get in the ring to prove what level they’re really on.

Composed by Luca Olias (@lucaolias)

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