Don’t Flop Brighton – Raise the Bar Tour – Event Review


It has been a long time but Don’t Flop finally made its return to the sunny south coast with five extraordinary battles. Brighton has proved to be an absolutely great location for Don’t Flop events with a collection of great MCs, brilliant audiences and wonderful venues. This particular event took place at the Blind Tiger Club, which was an ideal venue.

The day started with a try out battle between JayBe and Rinsulin where we saw a completely polar opposite in stylistic approaches to the battle from each MC. JayBe took a much more assertive and bar dominant tactic towards his material/performance, whereas Rinsulin was a lot more relaxed and used pretty much all jokes throughout the battle. It made for an extremely close battle and there should definitely be a second battle for the both of them.

The second battle was Soapbox’s own SleepyGee up against Mr Tongue Twister. Sleepy finally had his opportunity to battle in his hometown and he gave an excellent comeback performance with a mixture of all facets of battle rap brilliantly executed throughout. It was also good to see Tongue Twister not take the battle lightly as he came out with a great combination of jokes and bars to bounce back from his lacklustre performance against Impact.

We then had a highly anticipated try out battle between Manny’s own Flawless up against another home town rapper, Prospectz, whose drops produced a massive buzz after he absolutely killed it. This battle was incredibly close and I am hoping that we get the chance to see the two battlers in the future as they both performed very well on a great card.

Then a battle I personally was excited for arrived. I believe on many other cards the battle would have stole the show. It was two years in the making between Adam D. Felman and Adam Kammerling (or Mos Prob versus Adam the Rapper). Adam the Rapper last featured for Don’t Flop on the 4th Birthday event and he came back with a bang. Both rappers were solid throughout but built up to monumental 3rd rounds that completely wowed the audience that proved to set the stage for our main event perfectly…

Two of the funniest duos in Don’t Flop history against each other to finish a superb card would be the cherry on top for the day. OSBs (Wizard & Scizzahs) would take on the two on two champions, Shuffle-T & Marlo in a non-title match. This whole battle had me absolutely curling over in laughter from both sides and they both managed to reinforce their signature styles yet keep it fresh and exciting throughout.

Overall this card was another highly successful product for the Don’t Flop portfolio and as we reach the second half of the Raise the Bar tour, Don’t Flop would have achieved 14 events in 52 days and gone across the U.K giving several rappers the platform to rise in the league and promote themselves as a brand. It’s a great movement and I hope we get the chance to see some more fantastic battlers push the sport forward from now on.

Be sure to check out our photos of the event!

Composed by Luca Olias(@Lucaolias)

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