DIAZ + support at The Green Door Store


Brighton’s Green Door Store, the hipster dungeon beneath the station, has become a rite of passage for any aspiring band looking to break the city. The dimly lit brick walled venue has become firmly established within Brighton’s indie scene, and provided a perfect setting for last Friday’s gig, headlined by alt-rock group DIAZ.

DIAZ are a band that on hearing, sound like an already fully established act.  Their polished sound and tightly performed music allude to long periods hunkered down in rehearsal, and it would seem that such practice has done the trick – several of their songs linger in my head long after listening. Off the back of recording a set of studio sessions with us a while back, they managed to fully pack out the venue for a night of catchy hooks and rousing riffs.

Highlights of the set included Desert Love, a track that layers a Dave Grohlesque vocal line over a blasting wall of harmonic guitar, and Suckerpunch, a bracing tonic of distorted wails and chugging riffs which got the crowd pumped. They finished on a high note with their debut single Souvenirs and absolute belter Numb, and left the audience shouting for an encore. Perhaps wisely, they chose not to give in to popular demand and overcook the gig, having already performed their best songs.

The headliners were supported by three other solid Brighton-based bands. Marble Buffalo gave a solid performance, and managed to get the whole crowd chanting along to their final song Brass Telescope. I missed both sets from FitsRoy and Animal House (I came straight from work), but as I arrived the venue seemed packed and the night in full swing so they can’t have been bad. Either way, I left reflecting on a great night from great bands, in a venue that is now fully cemented as part of Brighton’s vibrant nightlife.

• DIAZ’s debut single, Souvenirs, is available to download now from iTunes. Check out their studio sessions with us here.

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