Demob Happy / Tigercub Co-Headline at Patterns: Review

Demob Happy at Soundscape, April 2014

Demob Happy at Soundscape, April 2014

Demob Happy are a Brighton institution, and Tigercub aren’t that far behind. With this in mind it’s no surprise that their co-headline show at Patterns sold out in short order, even on a Wednesday night (October 12th). We went along to see what the fuss was all about.

A coin toss to decide who would headline the first night of the tour meant a lineup of Sick Joy, then Demob Happy, then Tigercub. After an intense warm up from Newcastle trio Sick Joy, Demob Happy took to the stage, Singer/Bassist Matt had chosen to combat the heat by wearing white jeans, yellow braces and not much else, but judging by the sweat pouring off of him by the end of the set it hadn’t done much to help.

“That was so good I had to go for a nervous poo whilst they were on”

The band’s mix of Frank Zappa looks and Queens of the Stone Age sleaze make for one hell of a show. Opening with “Wash it Down” from debut album “Dream Soda”, a mosh pit has opened at the front within seconds, and doesn’t let up until the band are finished. By the final song Matt has ditched the bass and instead paces up and down like a gunslinger in an old Western, staring wild-eyed into the crowd whilst he sings. Tigercub are going to have to put on a hell of a show to top this.

They don’t disappoint, barely giving the crowd time to get a pint and catch their breath before they take to the stage. Singer/Guitarist Jamie is quick to praise Demob Happy’s performance, saying “That was so good I had to go for a nervous poo whilst they were on”. It’s a strange compliment, but a compliment nonetheless.  The exhausted crowd take a while to get going, but by the end of the set there’s at least as much movement as there was for Demob, and Jamie’s shout of “this is our last song, your last chance to go mental!” hardly seems necessary.

Co-headline shows are usually hard to do, as one band is inevitably bigger than the other. Demob Happy and Tigercub seem to pull it off with ease however, helped along by the fact that they’re clearly good mates, and the fact that they’re both bloody good. If you get the chance to see them, do.

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