Deadbeat – Good 2 Me – Review


Brighton’s Bassline scene seems to be growing more rapidly every day despite having any multitude in Bassline based events. This means that the scene is being fuelled by the DJ’s and Producers alone! Deadbeat is one of those Producers and he has recently confirmed the release of his debut EP with Tumble Audio after winning a remix competition for the Nottingham based label!

There is clear reason that Deadbeat has gone on to release this full length EP entitled ‘Good 2 Me’. His clear aptitude with bass driven rhythms can be heard in both the title track ‘Good 2 Me’ and throughout the rest of the EP. Bassline however is a genre often criticised for a lack of creativity, and that is another reason that I can see Deadbeat rising to the top of the ladder very quickly. His creative use of bass synths and vocal samples really bring tracks like ‘Wheel It Up’ to life.

As well as the three tracks mentioned above, the EP features the remix which got him signed to the label in the first place. The original version of ‘Nothing Sweet’ by Tumble Audio head honcho Killjoy was seen as somewhat of an anthem for the label. Deadbeat has applied his rough edged shuffled slicing methods to the mix creating a remix that would set any dance floor alight.

This is a fantastic debut EP or the Brighton based producer and we are very excited to see what the rest of the year holds for Deadbeat! Be sure to take a listen to the EP and purchase it via the link below!

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