Dead Players – Every Manor (Remix) (ft. Parly B)

High Focus have been consistently releasing good music over the last few years and one of their methods seems to be combining the vocal talents of theirs MCs in different sub groups within the label. The Dead Players are one of these groups, and currently consists of Jam Baxter, Dabbla and Ghosttown laying down the production.

The ragga style vocals layered over the chorus section of the already Powerfully produced instrumental creates a vibe we aren’t that used to seeing from High Focus. Not that this is bad thing, quite the opposite in fact, it shows that as a label they are capable of covering so many different areas of Hip Hop at a very high level!
Overall, this track a great rework of the original “Every Manor,” which can be heard on their debut self entitled album. You can preorder “Dead Players” by clicking here!

Written By Jay McDougall

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