Curl Up – Missed U EP – Review


After releasing their most recent project, entitled “Purple Cwtch,” by Ganz, it was going to be extremely hard for any producer to keep pace with the levels that Terrorythm have recently been setting. However, it seems that label head honcho Plastician is in possession of some kind of seeing glass, because he seems to keep pulling top notch producers, such as Curl Up, out of his hat. His new EP consists of three highly energetic tracks and was released on the 9th of December.

The first to come up in the track listing goes by the name of ‘Yea’. This is presumably because of the multiple uses of the female vocals samples throughout. Instantaneously you can tell that the intensity of the different rhythms used within the drums in this track is what makes it truly special. This high energy forces the emotion, felt through the different layers of typical purple synths embedded in the track, upon the listener. The cheeky use of a James Brown sample was also pleasing to hear.

‘Untitled’ follows the first track with a run. The manipulation of different classic breaks seems to be a theme which runs from start to finish on this project, which again is a great twist to have when it’s done as well as this. The breakdown however is truly unique. The intricate lead melody, which sounds like it has been played using a Kalimba or a similar instrument, is layered in the higher frequencies, over the top of a pulsating bass instrument down below. It’s the transition between this and the pace of the introduction which would catch nearly anyone of guard.

The EP finishes of in great fashion. Yet again, the New York based producer switches it up and this time it seems like something a little closer to home. The shuffled kicks and claps which are immediately thrown into the mix don’t quite prepare you for the beauty of the first breakdown. Stunning layers of synthesizers engineered to perfection erupt over the course about 45 seconds. It’s quite difficult to take everything in during the first listen, and after listening to it a couple of time, it just got better and better.

We weren’t expecting anything to rival Ganz’s EP on Terrorythm this year, but the ‘Missed U’ EP from Curl Up is definitely within the same small circle of releases that could even come close.

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Words By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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