Cross Vs. SoapBox – 2/11/12 – The Tube, Brighton – Gallery

IMG_9370For the first time ever, Soapbox got the chance to co-host a night, and it was a Friday night! The Tube plays host usually to Cross on a Friday night, a night filled with funky vibes and beats that is open for anyone to attend, not just the bassheads. But as we had been given the opportunity to do a collaboration with Cross, it became ‘Cross Vs. SoapBox’ and it was not a night to forget in a hurry.

Our own Mr. Sleepz played an incredible set and before you knew it the crowds were pouring through the doors. By the time the doors closed at 7am, you needed to shoehorn the punters to get them to leave. There also seemed to be a distinct lack of obnoxious posers that usually hit most of the clubs in Brighton, which is always nice.

Photography by Max Necus, Charlie Hyams and Myles Burrell.

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