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Our next project has come to us here at Soapbox HQ from Bristol, with a highly unique, yet equally sick, E.P. Alex Shailer or his more well-known producer name ,Coleco, has released his new four-track E.P called “Spatial” which has taken an extremely played out area of music and reinvigorated it with a new outlook and perspective on how to produce what most of us class as “club” music.

I was torn at first on whether to label it as a drum and bass project or a trap project. I then realised that the beauty of this E.P comes from how it moulds a mixture of genres very intelligently and gives us four absolutely quality tunes. Black and Neon is a genuinely dope trap record that is my favourite genre out of the “club” family and I loved every second of the track. You then have a track like “Prime 2” which goes in a completely direction. It goes along the lines of a D&B tempo and instrumental use, which completely throws you off from being able to provide a tangible definition of what type of project it is.

I can’t tell you how refreshing and relieving it was to hear great music that could hit the clubs that isn’t a lazy, boring house song that has university students thinking that is what great music really is (I’ve been a uni student before, you get the wrong idea). I hope that we can push more brilliant music like this and keep the versatility of using multiple styles in singular tracks in this field of production.

There was also a couple of these tracks that I think rappers should look out for if they need a producer, these Trap records are practically begging for someone to light up so you can then open up a lane in the U.K that has had the surface slightly scratched by an artist like Waka Flocka.

You can find “Spatial” and more music from Coleco on his SoundCloud, which also has his contact details along with his social media outlets. This is a phenomenal E.P that deserves a wide audience of listeners so check out his stuff and let’s promote quality over popularity.

Be sure to check out the previews of the EP below!

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