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Nathan Pfefferle, aka Clax, is one of the biggest up and coming youngsters in the UK south coast hip-hop scene. Having worked with various artists from various countries, Clax has gained momentum as one to watch out for in the future, which is quite an achievement for someone who hasn’t finished school yet. SoapBox’s Archie Willis and Michael Goodier caught up with him for a chat over a cup of tea and biscuits.

S.B: So Clax, what inspired you to start making Hip-Hop?

Well, it was mainly advice from other MC’s to move on from grime to hip-hop, so it was really both a combination of that and listening to a lot of artists such as Jehst and Chester P as a young’n.

S.B: Great, so what is it about hip-hop as a genre that really attracts you?

The thing about hip-hop is that it’s the depth you can go into, which is down to the tempo and its unique style, and the ability to use any form of music, whatever genre it is, and be able to chop it up and make hip-hop with it, it’s crazy. There is also a lot less hype than the grime scene and you can speak your mind; through hip-hop I can express any feelings I have which helps me a lot in life.

S.B: As a Brighton based artist, how would you describe the hip-hop scene there?

I feel that it’s not very good on the commercial side, as I feel the best talent in Brighton is not put out there as much as a lot of artists who I don’t really rate, but Brighton has a massive underground hip-hop scene ready to take over in the next few years.

S.B: Are there any artists in particular that you would recommend?

“Through hip-hop I can express any feelings I have which helps me a lot in life”

Kryptik, Toff and Ocean are definitely people to look out for.

S.B: So Clax are there any projects you have in the pipeline that we should be looking out for?

A forthcoming album and a couple of music videos should be coming soon, I’ve intended to do a lot of things for a long time and I have a ridiculous amount of unreleased tracks. Once I’ve finished school in a few months then everything will be out there.

S.B: Final question, what is your favourite drink?

Ermm, Coke, it’s chilled.

S.B: Alcoholic…

Whiskey, trasss.


Find Clax on his facebook page


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