Charlie Traplin – Quartet EP – Review


We are always extremely excited to see Brighton based producers and artists announce new projects, so when we saw that Charlie Traplin had confirmed a new EP for release with Cream Collective, we had to have a listen. Charlie Traplin has has a very eventful last 12 months, including airtime on 1Xtra and the video for ‘Damn’ rapidly approaching a million views via AllTrapMusic.

This EP, entitled ‘Quartet’, primarily shows Traplin’s versatility as a producer. The different styles of composition ultimately would still fall under the same genre bracket (that being Trap), but the individuality of each arrangement is clear to see. The title track for the EP entitled ‘Ghosts’ is structured more like an American trap instrumental, filled with haunting piano riffs and violin plucks. We jump from this straight over to ‘Kicks’ which takes more of a traditional UK Trap format. Pitch edited samples are aloud to run riot around the middle of the mix whilst 808 bass notes inhabit the depths below.

There also seems to be a serious amount of influence from early Grime instrumentals through out the EP, however it is most notable in ‘Quartet’. The resampled string melody is the main attraction of the arrangement and despite its repetitive nature it doesn’t become monotonous. The final track on the EP shows the length of the spectrum of styles on the EP. ‘Faith’ is clearly designed for a dance floor, and the lead synth combined with the engulfing bass instrument would certainly do their job in sending a dance floor crazy.

This is another high quality four track EP from Charlie Traplin and another fantastic product to place into the Cream Collective release catalogue. Be sure to check out the EP and download it for free from the SoundCloud link below.

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