CASisDEAD: The Number 23


If your into Grime music CAS or CASisDEAD is a name you surely can’t have missed. Although he cannot be classed as a Grime artist he is definitely the most interesting artist who makes Grime music to have appeared in the last few years.

CAS’s mix of dark, twisted, satire and powerful realness make him like no other artist to date. rumours of mortality surrounding the artist have made his tracks have even more of an impact on the scene over the past year or two so it when dropped his debut EP in late December last year it is no surprise it has had an overwhelming response in the UK and beyond. Although slightly late on the uptake this is the reason I felt it was a good topic to base my first article for Soapbox Media around.

‘The Number 23’ (the LP) is a 17 track release and offers the collection of the best material that has been released over the past two years as well as some new, previously unreleased tracks and remixes from the likes of ‘JME’, ‘Faze Miyake’, ‘Roska’ and Brighton’s own ‘The Purist’.

Highlights for me have to be personal favorite, classic tune ‘Leon Best’ as well as ‘Sillian Braille’ and Faze Miyake’s take on ‘Play’. Throughout all these songs the vibe of the beats themselves change in style and tempo however always retaining the gutter, realness and comedic values that really make his original sound what it is.

Other standout tunes include ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ which features a very well sampled cut from the famous ‘Verve’ classic, and ‘Livin Dat’ featuring Family Tree’s ‘Merky Ace’.

With any luck CAS will retain his title as the most controversial man in UK Grime and continue to rise in popularity and spread his message even wider over 2014 and his mysterious album ‘Commercial’ may see a release at some point (however he has said in interviews that Commercial is pretty much already out there, whatever that means).

Be sure to purchase the album on iTunes by CLICKING HERE

Words by Laurence Heywood (@DJLZMcr)

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