BVA – I Can’t Hear You (Prod. Leaf Dog)


As we return to the normal and kick start ourselves into a new year, different collectives and label rosters have rebooted the high work rate that we all saw last year.

This track comes to us straight from High Focus rapper BVA and is entitled “I Can’t Hear You.” Produced by veteran Leaf Dog, this track serves as a great introductory piece of promotion for BVA’s forthcoming album “Be Very Aware” which is set to be released on the 20th of February.

The instrumental is yet another fantastic piece of wizardry from Leaf Dog, layered with the conscious lyricism of BVA. These two attributes are what give us the impression his forthcoming album is going to be something special if this is the level he is starting at!

Take a listen to the track below!

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  1. These *two* attributes says:

    Whoa there, those *two attributes that are going to make this album special. beats n lyrics. is that not what hiphop is?

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