Bushbaby unleashes killer new garage roller on Southpoint

Now since making our return to publishing, we have been taking a pretty intense look at the city’s hip hop scene over everything else. However, for us to focus solely on this area would be pretty unrepresentative of what Brighton’s music scene has to offer. We have become a hotbed for dance music production across so many different areas over the last few years, with one of the leading lights being the Southpoint collective.

Establishing themselves in 2015, the Southpoint team have brought together an incredible array of talent, from dubstep and grime producers to bass and garage maestros across the board. Today we are taking a quick peek at the latest offering from one of their original heavyweights in Bushbaby, whose brand new single ‘Let You In’ is a fabulous example of that mastery across the board.

Since we have been listening, Bushbaby’s elite trait has always been his use of vocals and the melodic bliss he is able to bring to tracks with the right chop or layering. This time around he uses a much more stripped back vocal process, layering incredibly catchy riffs atop a magnificent selection of moogy basslines and powerful drum processing to generate some incredibly groovy rhythmic ideas.

This is Bushbaby at his best and you absolutely love to see it. This is also the final single from Southpoint’s yearly Christmas compilation ‘Southpoint Presents’, which will become available in full on Christmas Eve.

You can check out this brand new single below: 

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