Brighton Rocks – The Haunt – 25/5/13

468763_631379363557396_1504693478_oThe Haunt, Brighton and the flow of people are streaming in, already mostly inside for the very first set, that of Don Komodo, and they certainly opened the night well with their hard hitting melodies and foot-stomping beat. They kept up a succession of incredible original songs with perfect performances around the board.

Fearless Heroes were the second band to grace the stage and they certainly gave the crowd something to enjoy. The vocalist held a strong presence at the front of the band, giving the people a good show before giving the spotlight to the true star of the band; the lead guitarist. He destroyed solos with his perfect timing and quick fingers, giving a great guitar riff after another.

The Harbour continued the nights success with there drawn out notes and deep, mellow vocals that drew in a crowd from the start. They delivered a strong set with use of synths and bouncing beats that kept the room alive. All the layering of the songs were played to perfection, with an echoey feel and massive depth of emotion poured into an incredible set that the crowd lapped up, well and truly moving the room. The instrumentation of every track was perfect, smoothly moving the tracks forward at entirely their own pace.

Fitsroy were fantastic. Coming in and playing such a diverse set, they showed us how it went down in their terms. One song was a hard, rock filled track that shook the room with heavy notes and freedom for the vocalist to enjoy. As their set was so diverse, that one song was next to sound just like a catchy hook from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, pulling in attention and pricking the ears up of a reasonable sized crowd. The passion was easily visible in the band members playing ability and the full effort they gave it throughout and they seemed to just be loving the spotlight and getting their original material heard.

Departure From Normal were definitely the reason there was such a good turnout on the night. They played a stronger set than the rest and had the crowd on their toes throughout. The lead and backing vocals wavered only a couple of times but other than that their set was on point. DFN were rocking the room, constantly keeping the tempo and atmosphere wild, with interesting choices of words between songs and beautifully harmonised intro riffs to every song. Each member was performing as well as the next, giving it their all and playing original material that you can’t really find anywhere else. The band rounded off an amazing night, showing the diversity and incredible potential in Brighton’s rock scene with performances from each band just about topping the last.

Written by Max Necus (@MaxNecus). Photography by Myles Burrell and Max Necus.

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