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Tumble Audio have been on somewhat of a roll over the last 6th months, and have leapt from strength to strength both as a label and as a brand. Their regular club events that have been taking place around the country are becoming renowned as hubs at which people can discover the next big Bassline tune. As a label, Tumble audio arrive at their 6th official release on the back of an already incredibly strong repertoire, including releases from Killjoy, Sergic and Lyka.

The Nank EP is the newest member of the Tumble roster; Boofy’s first release with the label, and he has hit the ground at a sprint for certain. The lead track off the EP is actually named Nank as well and will go down as one of the Grime anthems of the year. Sharp edged production methods have molded the aggressive 2 steppy drum patterns to really stick out in the mix. The arrangement itself remains quite simple, but extremely hard hitting, as layered on top of the intense drum loops lies a memorable bass sound.

The EP also includes 2 remix’s from different producers. The first of these in the running order of the EP has been produced by Hi5Ghost. He has really switched up the simplicity of the original track to form a far more hectic version. A harsher bass sound has been employed to really smash the constantly changing drums into the forefront of the mix, even more than the original. Still at a Grime tempo, there is in fact very little that is similar to this Boofy’s mix, this does not matter however as both tracks bring something different to the table.

The second remix and final track on the EP comes from Glasgow based Funky producer Nativ. Unlike the first remix this version seems to be a complete rework except into a completely different genre. A slower paced, yet more rhythmic piece of music is the result of this transition. It shares similarly simple characteristics to the Boofy’s original mix, despite the slight change in instrumentation.

As well as the 2 remix’s, there is a second original track from Boofy labeled as the B Side to the release. Warzone is just as haunting as Nank itself. The constantly interchanging drum patterns are impossible to predict, which is what brings the raw energy to this instrumental. The arrangement consists of  a similar instrumentation to Nank, simply rearranged and reprocessed, which  is why it sounds so cohesive with the rest of the release.

Overall, yet another solid release from the Nottingham based label. As a collective they don’t seem to have found an obstacle that they can’t jump yet and we look forward to seeing what they throw out during 2014

The Nank EP is set to be released on the 2nd of December, Take a listen below to preview the release.

Written By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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