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Booda French – Club 27 Reservations – Review - Soapbox

Booda French – Club 27 Reservations – Review

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Booda French is a name who tends to crop up every 6 months or so. Every time his name pops up, you can almost guarantee the music that follows is going to be top drawer. “Club 27 Reservations” was released on the 22nd November, the same date as Booda’s 27th birthday.

The most immediately noticeable feature of the LP is the smooth instrumental catalogue over which Booda French has layered his vocals. The production team includes J57, Rossrock and Jimmy Green. Essences of classic G Funk melodies swim in and out of the foreground, alongside some clear West Coast influences. When all of these styles are thrown into the mix it makes for a great blended combo of musical ideas.

‘Love Music’ is an instant classic. Being one of the tracks on the album that was produced by Brown Bag Allstars producer J57, the instrumental alone wasn’t going to disappoint. The quirky, slightly out of tune hook makes the track stick in your mind for a fair while after you have finished the project. That’s one of the best things about this LP though, nearly every track has something different or catchy about it.

The project has been blessed with an impeccable syllabic structure within each verse. Every 4 lines a new idea seems to develop, which remains relevant to the previous and forthcoming ones. This is due to Booda’s choice of wording and placement of certain ideas. This is a fantastic route for UK Hip Hop to travel down. The coming together of the smooth musical goodness of each and every instrumental, combined with the intricacy of Booda’s lyricism makes for a spectacular final product.

Emphasizing the use of a more poetic style of writing has always been one of his strong points as an artist. In ‘Tiffany Lamps’ an example of the genius that is his lyricism lies in the quote “I’m seeing colours like synaesthesia sufferers.” It’s the one liners like this which combine together in such an audibly pleasing manner. Despite all this, it’s not only the lyricism itself which gives the project so much replay value.

Often, as an enhancement, Booda will harmonize his deep vocal projection to great effect during different hooks. This gives tracks such as ‘Jordan’s In Jordan’ a bit of an edge. It changes from a piece of poetry to a memorable composition. In fact, Booda’s general vocal projection has a certain pleasing value to it, which is another reason the LP sounds so cohesive and consistent.

This is definitely one of the strongest albums to come out of the underground UK Hip Hop scene this year. It’s packed with replay value and food for thought.
Be sure to download “Reservations” for free from Booda French’s bandcamp page.

Written By Jay McDougall (@Sleepygee1)

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