Beyond The Wave – Brighton’s own indie film festival

Beyond The Wave

In its third year of running, Brighton’s Big Screen once again has a lot to offer. One of the gems you won’t want to miss is ‘Beyond The Wave’, a short film festival curated by Julia Horbaschk. Julia is a creative project co-ordinator who has put these films together over the past few months to share her love of the sea, adventure and importance of environmental sustainability.

The festival includes eight short films each with their own unique charm and message. Whether you’re watching ‘North of the Sun’, a beautifully shot documentary about two Norwegian boys surviving the harsh winter by living off of debris from the ocean, or enjoying ‘This Is Brighton’, several time lapses made up of over 45,000 photos showing Brighton from a different perspective, each film has something that will appeal to you, be it humour, drama or exploration.

Be ‘shore’ to head down to the beach at 4pm on the 7th, 8th, 10th or 11th of July. It’s free, so no excuses.

Beyond The Wave

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