Battle of the Month – February (Title Match Special)

February has been a heated month for battling. Such a high quality of battles has been present in these uploads, which is why I’ve decided to increase the content in this latest report.

This month was all about the British league Don’t Flop and the Canadian league King of the Dot. Both leagues have put on major events in the last few weeks, both rotating around a title match.

Let’s start with the King of the Dot Title Match. Dizaster, the reigning champion, up against former champion and two time Grand Prix champion, Arcane! It had all the makings of a classic title match. Dizaster has undoubtedly been at the top of his game for the last couple of years. This with Arcane’s incredible win ratio in the dot, along with his recent victory in the Grand Prix makes it look a certainty for one of the greatest title matches in the dot’s history. This match has been one of the most highly disputed title match’s for certain, take a look and make up your own mind!

This title match took place at the same event as the next battle we have decided to talk about; Pat Stay VS Math Hoffa. Two of the heavyweights in worldwide battle rap. Pat Stay has had famous stand- offs with URL heads such as Marvwon & Head Ice, along with memorable match ups with world renowned battle stars Thesaurus, Arsonal & HFK. This isn’t to mention one of the greatest battles to ever be recorded, between himself and Hollohan. Pat went up against Math Hoffa. With Hoffa’s battle record including top class spars with URL legends such as T Rex, Calicoe, Hitman Holla, Iron Soloman & most recently Arsonal. Both rappers are armed with powerful stage presence and intricate yet easy to interpret lyricism. An instant classic, be sure to check this one out!

The other match up I’d like to mention from the KOTD league is from there most recent event to date, Resurgence. The new KOTD regular placement on the West Coast allows the public to be introduced to rappers such as QP vs RemyD. Both of these were relatively new names to us, and we were keen to see them in action. Both of them brought killer word play, intricate schemes and real bars.

Now we jump back home over the sea, we have selected 4 Don’t Flop battles in this month’s special edition. First up is the return of the gun punch against the “Gawd.” Wizard vs Joker Starr had the potential to be one of the best match ups for a long time, and we are happy to say it didn’t disappoint. One of Joker’s best performances to date, as well as the imminent return of Wizard, who also brought his A game.

Next up is what we feel is the strongest of the UK Battles released this month. In the first round of the Don’t Flop doubles tournament, Unanymous & Chris Leese were drawn against Two-Can & CallumBoom. Unanymous and Chris Leese are widely seen as two of the highest ranking battlers hailing from the UK. Chris Leese won the Times Change Singles Tournament in 2011 and went on to battle Tricky P in Canada, Memorable Clashes with Sensa & Jai 90 were to follow. This is Unanymous’s most recent battle since we mentioned him in our January write up. TwoCan & CallumBoom were subjectively named easy prey, TwoCan having only taken losses to Mos Prob & Dekay since his try out in January 2012. CallumBoom has battled once before this in Don’t Flop, and was ripped to shreds by another January Try out Impact. Don’t be fooled however, this match up caused plenty of fireworks.

Finally we have the Don’t Flop title match! Champion Tony D attempts to defend his title against UK veteran Definition. There was a large amount of debate on Tony D getting the title shot against OShea instead of Def, which will surely a score which will be settled. Definition has had successful battles in King of the Dot against Tricky P & D-Lor. Tony D hasn’t battled since he took the won the title from OShea at the Don’t Flop 4th Birthday event. One of the best battles of the month for certain and arguably the closest Title Match!

Check back next month for a special edition, and a spoiler free recap from the Don’t Flop “Set The Standard” event at cable this month!

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