Battle of the Month – December 2012

Welcome to our new monthly featured poll. With the rise in the quality, popularity and general appreciation of YouTube based battle leagues; we feel it’s time we jumped on board with a monthly interactive poll. This means you can choose from our shortlist of selected battles to vote for which one you feel has provided you with the most entertainment.We will be shortlisting battles from a wide range of leagues, Including Don’t Flop (UK), King of the Dot (Canada), SmackURL (US) UW Battle League (US) and even the Scandinavian leagues, including Bass-mentality Battle League.

When voting, we would appreciate it if people would vote from an unbiased point of view and take into account as many elements of battling as possible when casting your vote. This could include lyricism, delivery, humour and general originality. We would also love for you to leave comments below.
So let’s get straight into this month’s vote:


Tsu Surf Vs Conceited (SmackURL)

First up for vote this month is TSU Surf Vs Conceited, uploaded on Christmas day, this was one of URL’s Christmas day classics. The URL style of battling is often not as highly followed in the UK as quite often a lot of the lower level material is more street battle rap orientated. However these are two artists we feel UK heads will be able at least feel, if not relate to. Conceited has been one of the most original MC’s to grace the URL and Grind-Time stages over the last 5 years, Battling highly rated names such as Arsonal, Illmaculate & T Rex. He is the master of scheme trend known as “Slow it Downs” which occurs when more than one bar is hidden within a single line. Tsu Surf has also been classed as a top tier competitor for a few years now and is also known for his powerful wordplay and on point delivery. Tsu Surf has sparred with American heavy weights such as K Shine & Yung Ill, as well as the internationally rated DNA. Both of their records, previous opponents and similar yet contradicting styles make this battle a definite for this month’s shortlist!

Bamalam Vs 100 Bulletz (Don’t Flop)

This battle features 2 of the scenes fastest and most highly rated up and comers over the last 12 months. Bamalam’s try out for Don’t Flop was uploaded on the 1st of February 2012. From this point until now he still has an undefeated record in the Don’t Flop league, beating other battlers such as Impact, Cee Major along with a 2V2 victory over Midi Intellect and Mr Tongue Twister alongside Cystic. Bamalam beat Ogmios to claim the first Hunger for more tournament win. Winning this gave him the choice of an international opponent. This leads us to 100 Bulletz. Again Bulletz has had a similar story to Bamalam, in the way that he has emerged from the King of the Dot 2012 Grand Prix, beating highly rated opponents, including Dose (US) in the first round, Freestyle Heavyweight Charron in the second and Ex KOTD Champion Kid Twist in the third. Bulletz was eliminated from the Grand Prix in the fourth round by the eventual second time winner and ex KOTD Champion Arcane, although it is widely contested that this should be seen as the final. Both MC’s are armed with very intelligent wordplay and excellent delivery which places this battle in this month’s selection for certain.

Youthoracle Vs Jai90 (Don’t Flop)

Our third choice for the shortlist comes from Youthoracle & Jai90. Firstly let’s have a look at Youthoracle. Since his try out event was uploaded he has emerged as one of the best prospects in 2013. He consistently shows excellent delivery and flow, as well as packing a serious amount of content into his schemes. He is currently undefeated although he has only participated in 2 Judged battles prior to this, Jai90 is one of the leagues more under-rated battlers in our opinion. In a sense they are similar as they both show excellent rap ability as well powerful wordplay and schemes. Jai 90 has taken a loss to Hunger for more Side B finalist Villun after taking a victory in his try out versus Nero. He has also battled Times Change tournament winner Chris Leese at BoomBap Festival. Youthoracle also Battled Hunger for more side A Finalist at the same event. Both rappers have a similar level of experience and have both appeared on SB.TV which shows they are at a similar level of ability. This battle is the definition of a great matchup which is why it is our third choice this month.

Arcane Vs Chedda Cheese (King of the Dot) (2012 Grand Prix Final)

The final selection for this month is a massive battle in KOTD history as this was not only a Grand Prix final, it was essentially a title contender match, meaning the winner would go on to take on Dizaster for the KOTD Chain. As mentioned earlier, Arcane progressed to the final by beating 100 Bulletz in the 4th Round, along well as beating Step Easy & Luciano Crakk in previous rounds. This was Arcane’s second consecutive Grand Prix final, and seeing as he went on to beat Thesaurus to the title last time around, He looked to be the likely victor. Chedda Cheese is one of king of the dots more under-rated battlers as he has proved he is more than able to stand on his own to feet against international opponents such as Fredo (US) & Henry Bowers. (Sweden) Although taking a quicker route due to Caustic not being able to attend the event, Chedda had to only beat Edwordz & Fingaz to achieve his place in the final. Although it does seem like a bit of a gulf in experience and achievement do not be fooled, both battlers were on their A game, Arcane with his harsh and intensive lyricism and wordplay skills and Chedda with his flip ability and highly trained double time delivery. This battle has made the fourth space on the list not only because of its importance but due to the quality both rappers bring!

Cast your votes on the poll below, and the winner will be announced with next months set shortlist

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