Bamalam – Chest of Draws – Review

bamalam chest of draws

E & Daniels seem to keep releasing great project after project, giving their army of “Harrys” a harder time with every release. Latest to arrive at the end of the E&D conveyor belt is Bamalam’s new EP Chest of Draws, a well structured piece of work which demonstrates his seamless flow and writing ability and Cystic’s incredible production. It seems Bamalam & Cystic work just as well together in the studio as they do in the Don’t Flop ring.

Kicking the EP off is One Of Them Days, which gives listeners a smooth welcome to the EP. The instrumental, produced by Cystic, gives Bamalam’s verse a relaxed, almost conversational feel to it, almost like he’s talking to us. Cystic has done a brilliant job with the instrumental, using natural sounding instruments including the sophisticated tones of the saxophone. All in all, this is a great opening to the EP which sets listeners’ expectations high for the rest.

It is the song Damned Road which for me really spark the EP’s ignition, featuring verses from three E&D heavyweights: Tony D, Mr. 13 and Josiah Matrix.  Over another great instrumental from Cystic, the four rappers show exactly what they can do with four incredible verses. E&D have a knack for making music about their struggles in life without it sounding like another brick in the wall of “struggle”.

It seems Bamalam & Cystic work just as well together in the studio as they do in the Don’t Flop ring.

My personal favourites though are the 3rd and 4th track Beautiful People and Heartbeat simply because of the great instrumentals and the subject matter Bamalam has chosen. In Beautiful People, Bam lists all the different types of people in this world with the intention of showing them in an equal light, whether it be the young, the elderly, the good or the bad. The Charlie Chaplin sample at the beginning sets out Bamalam’s direction for the piece, and he delivers a genuine performance.

My favourite track on the whole EP has to be Heartbeat. A rapper that can open up and let listeners in to the point where we can relate to what they are saying is a rapper that I respect highly. A lot of artists talk about the obvious emotions and feelings you get with relationship problems, but Bam has instead written it from a personal point of view, which at times sounds like he is in conflict with himself more than the other half of the relationship. This, in my opinion, demonstrates Bamalam’s writing ability more than any other track on the release.

On Chest of Draws, Bamalam demonstrates every aspect of his writing ability and producer Cystic demonstrates every aspect of his beat-making ability. The whole project is a great body of work and what’s more,  it’s free.

• Download Bamalam’s Chest of Draws EP here.

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